What are States and Countries That Won’t Extradite for Alimony?

Countries That Won't Extradite for Alimony

The sad part is that there are so many men and now women that are having to actually even think about this question. Alimony is actually a form of Slavery even though it is of a financial nature.

There are so many people that ask the question “What are States and Countries That Won’t Extradite for Alimony or Have Extradition?”

First, I would never ever recommend leaving your State or Country to avoid your Alimony payments.

But, I am sure that the thought goes through many peoples heads because of the unfairness in many cases of a human being having to be a financial slave well past retirement to another human being.

To answer the question though I did some research in case you were looking and found some interesting facts and a very valuable link on Google answers that gives further links that answer this subject.

In regards to States within the United States there are agreements setup within all 50 states and you will not be able to not be extradited if the request was made. Now this seems to be more for criminals though than a civil case in regards to spousal support.

If you are found in contempt of court in your State for willingly not paying alimony and you move to another state I think there is no guarantee that if a significant effort is made that you could not be extradited. But, I think it would be highly unlikely that you would be extradited for being in contempt for maintenance or back alimony payments.

If you are a lawyer visiting this site, please leave your comments or facts on cases where people have been extradited between states for not paying alimony. Now I totally understand child support payments and the seriousness of this and that it is a much more serious offense. But not sure if back alimony payments would be taken as serious for a spouse that just needs to go get a job and start supporting themselves instead of laying on the couch living off their spouse.

Now in regards to countries this is a different story. I found a great link that has information on extradition and countries that do not extradite. Now can I 100% say this applies to Alimony? No, I cannot and will only say I did some research just to provide you a good link on info on the subject and what countries currently do not have treaties with the U.S.

To tell you the truth, most of these are not places most of us would want to live. The other thing you would have to think about is it worth leaving any children you have in the U.S to pick up and completely move out of the country just to avoid having to pay alimony payments. Probably not would be my answer and a better way would be to try for an income modification or wait and hope your spouse gets remarried.

You also have the hope that Alimony Reform will continue to strengthen and finally move over our nation like a force never seen before so that people are treated like individuals and will be expected to rehabilitate and permanent alimony will be a thing of the past therefore freeing people to truly be free in this country especially in regards to their financial freedom and independence.

Below I have included the link for you to review:

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